“The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group has released its latest plan to restore wetlands, coastal and nearshore habitats to address injuries caused by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.” Four projects were selected for implementation, one being the Bayou Dularge Ridge and Marsh Creation project. This project is intended to create and nourish marsh on the south side of Bayou Dularge, provide salinity control in the region, and restore the ridge along the southern bank of Bayou Dularge. The approximate cost is $41.4 million.
Dating back to 2019, Eustis Engineering has performed geotechnical (soil) explorations and numerous engineering analyses. Eustis Engineering’s evaluations extended to designs for over 600 acres of new marsh, over 4 miles of restored coastal ridges, and a large rock plug to prevent saltwater intrusion into the region. The Final Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment breaks down the aspects of this project.