Eustis Engineering utilizes a wide variety of geotechnical instruments including piezometers, strain gauges, and inclinometers to monitor construction projects, hydrologic conditions, and help assess bridge and structure health.  These instruments are versatile and can be employed in a wide variety of environments.  Eustis Engineering’s recent projects included installation of geotechnical instruments for areas of coastal Louisiana where site accessibility is only by boat.  We have also been involved with the energy sector in areas where plants and tank farms are being expanded and heavy construction is persistent.

Each installation requires careful planning with project stakeholders to understand what the goals of the project are, what the data download intervals should be, and what activities are expected in the project area.  As a result, each installation can look a little bit different.  Eustis Engineering utilizes a high visibility version of our data loggers with flagging and painting to help crews avoid damage.  Our data loggers also include a locking installation where the loggers must be kept secure, and a low-profile installation that helps blend into existing landscaping better.  Our loggers can be painted any color with any finish to help meet project goals.

Along with versatile installation capabilities, our instrumentation can be equipped with data loggers that are low cost and collect measurements that can be collected by either a field representative or connected to a remote logger.  Our remote loggers allow engineers and project stakeholders to view data in real-time, as it is being collected.  With a mouse click, this data can be downloaded and distributed as needed.

To learn more about our geotechnical instrumentation and how it can be used on your next project, contact us today.