With decades of experience in the Gulf Coast region, Eustis Engineering L.L.C. provides geotechnical expertise for projects of all sizes and of all levels of complexity. When challenges arise during a project, we’ve often already seen them and solved them in another construction project. This is a huge head start in terms of meeting time and cost objectives, and a great comfort to our project partners.

Eustis Engineering has more than 24,000 projects under our belt and the historical data from each. We often start a new project having been the geotechnical experts on a previous phase of the project. This gives us much, if not all, of the needed data upfront. Even if we weren’t involved in a project, we often have soil data from that area because we likely performed a similar project 1,000 feet or less away. This again makes for a more efficient project.

Another benefit of working with Eustis Engineering is our capacity. We have more than 100 employees on our team and the latest equipment and instrumentation at our fingertips. No innovation in the geotechnical field escapes our notice. Not only that, but Eustis Engineering owns more equipment and instruments than other firms do. That means that Eustis Engineering can often provide services much more quickly, which shortens turnaround time.

Eustis Engineering owns and operates:

  • One Failing wet rotary drill rig (skid mounted)
  • One Diedrich truck mounted D-50 turbo rig (with an automatic SPT hammer)
  • One track mounted CME-850X wet rotary drill rig (with an automatic SPT hammer)
  • Two track mounted cone penetrometer systems capable of providing up to 15 tons of reaction
  • One truck mounted CME-55 (with an automatic SPT hammer)
  • One rubber tracked CME-850XR wet rotary drill rig (with an automatic SPT hammer)
  • One truck mounted CME-55 with detachable skid mounting platform (with an automatic SPT hammer)


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