Eustis Engineering L.L.C. operates full-service accredited geotechnical, concrete, and earthwork laboratories to provide timely service to our clients. Experienced engineers provide technical oversight ensuring quality testing. Our laboratory technicians, equipment, and procedures meet the rigorous quality control/quality assurance demands mandated by the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Our laboratory services include:

  • Classification index tests
  • Triaxial compression tests (drained and undrained)
  • Direct shear and direct simple shear tests
  • Consolidation tests (2-in. and 4-in. diameter samples)
  • Hydraulic permeability tests (flexible and rigid wall)
  • Self-weight consolidation tests
  • Settling column tests
  • Proctor and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests
  • Concrete, masonry, mortar, and grout compression tests.

AASHTO Accreditation Scope by Location