Who doesn’t need more filet in their life? Fleming’s, a steakhouse chain, opened on 30 October in the northeastern corner of the Lakeside Shopping Center parking lot, near North Causeway Boulevard and 17th Street in Metairie. Eustis Engineering L.L.C. performed a geotechnical exploration for the project’s foundation design and reviewed pile load tests.

The new 7,000 square foot, single story restaurant is supported on driven treated timber piles and includes 36 parking spaces.

After drilling soil borings, Eustis Engineering performed soil mechanics laboratory tests for the project. We then made engineering analyses to determine estimates of allowable pile load capacities, estimates of settlement, the seismic Site Class of the subsoils, and components and thicknesses for flexible and rigid pavements. Recommendations for site preparation and general foundation construction procedures were also provided.

We’re hoping the winds blow in a southeasterly direction when Fleming’s fire up those steaks, as our Metairie headquarters is just a few blocks away.