Eustis Engineering L.L.C. is the third oldest continually operating geotechnical firm in the United States, serving clients across the Gulf Coast for more than 75 years. With this unmatched level of knowledge and experience, Eustis Engineering provides highly effective solutions for creating strong, lasting structures on challenging soils.

With five locations, staffed by more than 100 dedicated employees, Eustis Engineering is fully resourced for geotechnical projects throughout the region. Our capacity and expertise is unparalleled in the field, allowing us to be a valued partner for important engineering initiatives in Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas and beyond.

Eustis Engineering specializes in end-to-end geotechnical services and can handle all aspects of most projects. Our wide range of offerings includes soil exploration, in-house laboratory testing, engineering design and build, geotechnical instrumentation, and on-site testing of deep foundations and construction materials.

In recent years, Eustis Engineering has participated in creating some of the most notable and necessary structures across the Gulf Coast region. These included flood protection barriers, medical and research facilities, interstates and bridges, significant port additions, large industrial facilities, major sports stadiums, and much more.