The Gulf Coast is one of the most challenging regions in the United States for geotechnical engineering. Due to the vast deposits of soft soils that are weak and prone to settlement, it’s essential to gather representative soil samples and perform in situ testing to properly assess the subsurface conditions of potential construction sites. Eustis Engineering L.L.C. brings decades of knowledge to the analysis of our region’s soils and diverse geological conditions, ensuring that proper results are achieved during exploration.

Our exploration services include:

  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Field vane shear testing
  • Drilling 3-in. and 5-in. diameter soil borings on land, in water, in swamp, and in marsh environments
  • Dynamic cone penetration testing (DCPT) in conjunction with hand augers
  • 2-in. and 3-in. diameter split spoon sampling
  • 3-in. and 5-in. diameter Shelby tube and fixed piston sampling
  • Osterberg sampling
  • Pitcher sampling.