Eustis Engineering performed a geotechnical exploration for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s (MGCCC) proposed STEM facility at its Jefferson Davis Campus in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Our scope included the drilling of three soil borings and performing four cone penetration tests (CPTs).   Our design team utilized the borings, laboratory tests, and CPTs to develop soil design parameters for the project.  Our analyses and recommendations included estimates of axial pile load capacities and settlement, seismic site classification, parameters for use in lateral pile analyses, and lateral earth pressure coefficients.  We also provided recommendations for site preparation and general foundation construction procedures.

Following our geotechnical exploration, Eustis Engineering was solicited to provide engineering during construction and construction materials testing services for the project.  Engineering during construction services include participation in a test pile program comprising monitoring of the test pile installation, casting grout cubes for compressive strength testing, and the observation of two static compression load tests.  We issued a stamped report of our interpretation of the test results and recommendations for job pile installations.

Eustis Engineering is currently providing the following construction materials testing services for the project:

  • compaction, laboratory testing, and sampling of earthwork;
  • field and laboratory testing and sampling of concrete;
  • concrete, grout, and mortar testing and inspection;
  • masonry testing and inspection;
  • pile installation observation at the project site; and
  • observation of testing of asphalt batch at the plant.

In addition to construction materials testing, special inspection services are being provided for the project which include:

  • inspection of welding, high strength bolts, and structural steel erection provided by our in-house Certified Welding Inspectors;
  • masonry special inspection (per unit masonry specification);
  • floor flatness testing; and
  • verification of reinforcing steel for the concrete slabs, footings, and pile caps/mat foundations.