On May 11, 2022, designers of the new Carencro Heights Elementary School presented the plans for the two-story, 97,000 square-foot campus.  While the construction will likely not be ready until late 2023 or early 2024, patrons of the school are blown away by the designs.

Before these plans were finalized, Eustis Engineering performed a geotechnical exploration at the project site.  Eustis Engineering also provided professional geotechnical engineering recommendations for the project based on the field exploration and associated laboratory testing.

Our engineering project manager, Mr. Shaun R. Simon, P.E. was an alumnus of Carencro Elementary School.  Mr. Simon says, “The school was pretty old when I attended almost 40 years ago.  This is a great addition for the City of Carencro and its residents!  I am very excited to be given a chance to work on a project to improve my hometown.”

We are excited for the City of Carencro, students, teachers, parents, alumni, and all who will benefit from this development.  Keep an eye out for the finished project – we certainly will!


Get a look at plans for the new Carencro Heights Elementary: ‘More than I ever thought’ | Education | theadvocate.com