Eustis Engineering provided geotechnical engineering services and is currently providing construction materials testing services for the new KIPP Believe Elementary School at Columbia Parc, a school for kindergarten through eighth grade in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Columbia Parc at the Bayou District is a planned community development on St. Bernard Avenue.  The $23 million facility, expected to open in Spring 2019, will consist of a three-story, 89,500 square foot school building.  The project includes an 8,100 square foot single-story gymnasium with an 850 square foot mezzanine; an 8,400 square foot single-story cafeteria and support kitchen; and approximately 72,000 square feet of classroom, administration, and support spaces.  Each grade will have four classrooms with additional program space provided for blended learning, intervention, enrichment, media center, arts/culture, special education, and office/administrative space. A play yard, courtyard, and 21 parking spaces will be included.  A storm water management system was still being developed for the site but may include pervious pavements and a rain garden.  The site was formerly a portion of the St. Bernard Housing Development, demolished between 2007 and 2008. Green space and commercial development were planned adjacent to the site.