Eustis Engineering has been on the (sub)ground floor of a massive project at New Orleans’ National World War II Museum that will soon change the New Orleans skyline.

Bollinger Canopy of Peace at World War II Museum


Eustis Engineering performed geotechnical and engineering during construction services for the Bollinger Canopy of Peace which recently had its groundbreaking ceremony. The 825-ton steel and Fiberglass super structure is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

The 12-story roof structure, held by four steel legs, will be nearly a city block long and will be built spanning the museum’s individual pavilions to provide shade for patrons.

Our services included a subsurface exploration through a combination of undisturbed soil borings and cone penetration tests.

Using these data, Eustis Engineering evaluated complex foundation loading conditions for the Canopy of Peace. Professional engineering services included the development of soil design parameters to characterize the footprint of the site, allowable pile load capacity designs, estimates of settlement, and foundation construction recommendations.  We also evaluated site soils for temporary crane access and support of the temporary cranes to be used during construction of the roof canopy.

In addition to the geotechnical design services, Eustis Engineering provided construction quality control and materials testing services. These services included static and dynamic testing of test piles and production piles, logging of piles during installation, and vibration monitoring.

Eustis Engineering has long history with museum

Eustis Engineering’s relationship with the museum began back in 1999 when it was originally known as the D-Day Museum.

During the 17 years Eustis Engineering was involved in this expansive project, we have worked on more than a dozen projects, including the canopy, and the following.

  • Louisiana Memorial Pavilion
  • Solomon Victory Theater
  • John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion
  • U.S. Freedom Pavilion: Boeing Center
  • Campaigns of Courage Pavilion: European and Pacific Theaters
  • E. J. Ourso Discovery Hall

Our employees have provided more than 5,700 hours of services for the museum.