A substation of the West Power Complex has broken ground at the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans’ (SWBNO) industrial campus near south Claiborne Avenue.  While Eustis Engineering L.L.C. has performed geotechnical explorations in the project vicinity dating back to 2011, new explorations were initiated for the proposed power complex.  This substation will be only one portion of the $300 million series of upgrades; however, its intended ability to “ensure reliable power for drainage pumps that have failed during heavy rainstorms in recent years” proves its notability.

Eustis Engineering’s initial geotechnical exploration for this project included the drilling of three undisturbed, sample-type soil test borings; sounding of a seismic cone penetration test (SCPT); and performance of field electrical resistivity tests at two locations to determine subsoil conditions and stratification and to obtain samples of the various strata encountered.

Additional geotechnical engineering analyses were later requested by Power Engineers, Incorporated.  Specifically, we provided the results of analyses for local and global stability of a proposed retaining wall; estimates of settlement due to fill material behind the proposed retaining wall; general construction recommendations for the proposed retaining wall; and recommendations for components and thicknesses for rigid and flexible paving along the levee crown behind the proposed retaining wall.

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