Eustis Engineering L.L.C. provides Special Inspection Services through all our office locations.  Special Inspection Services are required for building components identified in the International Building Code (IBC) when the design of these components is required to be performed by a professional engineer or architect.  Inspection items include:

  • concrete,
  • masonry,
  • structural steel and welding inspections,
  • soils,
  • deep foundation systems,
  • sprayed fire-resistant materials,
  • NDT magnetic particle inspection Level II,
  • NDT dye penetrant inspection Level II,
  • mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings, and
  • any special cases as determined by the building official.

As of February 2015, all U.S. states including U.S. territories have adopted uniform statewide building codes based on editions of the IBC.  Special Inspection Services protect projects from unnecessary costs, lost time, and hazardous safety issues.  When utilized correctly, they are an excellent quality assurance tool for engineers, architects, and contractors.

We are proud to be represented in the American Welding Society, 2020 Structural Welding Code.