Eustis Engineering L.L.C. performed geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services associated with the “West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee Initiative” interim flood protection system in St. Charles Parish. Our services are supporting the design and construction of a 33-mile long flood protection system that stretches from the existing Davis Diversion West Guide Levee to Highway 308 in Lafourche Parish. The multi-phase project comprises four main stretches, three of which we have provided design phase and construction phase services, including the Willowridge area, the Ellington area, and the Magnolia Ridge area.

These projects comprise the design of various flood protection systems that include frontal protection T-wall monoliths, pumping stations, earthen levees, pile supported drainage features, levee material borrow source canals, access roadways, and other drainage systems such as buried culverts and sluice gates.

In order to obtain geotechnical data at approximately 500-ft spacing intervals along the proposed levee alignment, undisturbed soil borings were obtained at 1,000-ft intervals and supplemented by general borings. We drilled general (3-in. diameter) and undisturbed (5-in. diameter) soil borings to assess subsoil stratification and to obtain samples of the subsoils at the site.

Engineering analyses, based on the soil borings and laboratory test results, were performed to evaluate slope stability of the proposed levee and borrow canal configurations, to estimate ultimate pile load capacities for the various structures, and to provide estimates of levee and structural settlement.

Additionally, Eustis Engineering performed soil mechanics laboratory tests including compaction and Atterberg limits on clay intended to be used for levee embankment.

Construction of the Willowridge area levee is now complete and construction will be underway soon for the Ellington area levee. Eustis Engineering has been performing construction-phase soil testing for the Willowridge levee and will also provide these services for the Ellington levee.