The Humble Canal Gate Site Preparation and Initial Levee project has begun construction on an earthen preload program to prepare the site for the future construction of a floodgate, associated floodwalls, and earthen levees across Humble Canal as part of the Morganza to the Gulf of Mexico. The preload was designed to provide a strong base and working surface for future levee/floodwall construction by promoting settlement and strengthening foundation soils.

Onshore Materials, LLC (Onshore) is the construction contractor for this project. As part of their scope of work, they were required to subcontract a geotechnical engineering firm to install geotechnical instrumentation to monitor the performance of the earthen preload. Eustis Engineering was solicited by Onshore to perform a geotechnical field exploration, soil laboratory testing, and instrumentation installation and monitoring services for this project. Specifically, the scope called for the installation of one inclinometer; two nests of piezometers; and seven settlement plates. Efforts at each of these locations included performing soil borings and or CPT’s prior to the installation of geotechnical instrumentation. Eustis Engineering installed the geotechnical instrumentation and set up remote monitoring of this equipment for a period of up to two years. Thank you Onshore for allowing Eustis to be part of your team for this project.